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Some of these lines are from silly stories that will never make it out of my files. Others are from stories I actually hope to sell. Can you tell which is which?

Ever since I fell in love with the enemy, nothing in my town has been the same.

When Owen Nolan blew out his birthday candles, he made the same wish he did every year.


I am not a skeptical person.

At first Cora thought it was the day to end it all.

Unlucky, he thought. He was just unlucky.

In the early morning hours of February 5th, Joel Barker discovered he had a talent.

Finding out you're not a total anti-social freak is something of a relief.

Crimson on crimson.

Never let it be said that I, Lainie McAfee, hold a grudge.

The day began cold and quick as Ronda jumped out of bed and into the world.

My brother Wyatt is the heaviest sleeper ever.

The first storm came on a Monday; appropriate, Helen thought.

Mama got the peanut butter down from the shelf.

I was in the bathtub when Nanny died.

"Ready to get your hands dirty?"

More than anything else, Julian Harvard wished he could stop being so good at video games.

I do remember colors.

1971: This is how we play House.

I expected a fight from Whitney.

A wedding ain't a wedding 'till it's been messed up.

I had been named Ferval for five years before I found out I had a weird name.

Cally Norton was a nobody.

Blondes, I've been told, have more fun. I'm living proof they don't.

The morning Joey Penner was born, there was a big wreck on the interstate that ran through town.

The earth is wet in Margaret's hands.

If she hadn't dropped her watch through the grating, they'd be walking on air right now.

She didn't like my duck.