Bad Hair--The Teen Years

Age 13. This has got to be the worst!
The Farrah thing wasn't working, & it
was flat, stringy, AND frizzy. Why did
my mom let me go out like this?!

Age 14. I was so
embarrassed to have this in
the yearbook--that weird smile,
that horrendous hair!

Age 15. What a shirt!

Age 16 (with braces also). This was
considered good hair in the 80s.

Bad Hair--The Twenties

Age 20. A bad hair birthday!

Age 21

Age 25.
With a very tight new perm and my
hair all one length and very heavy,
I couldn't part it in the middle or
it would be in my face like Cousin It.
So it was all piled on one side--ack!
(The perm did relax a lot later and
and then looked better, but I still
still can't wear it all one length!)

A fairly recent picture

For reference. My hair is
pretty generic these days.